Ctrack partners with the National Small Business Chamber

Leading vehicle tracking and telematics provider, Ctrack, has joined the National Small Business Chamber (NSBC) of South Africa, a non-profit member organisation that promotes small business development in the county. The NSBC National Partnership that Ctrack has entered into is designed for leading brands who want to grow their business cost-effectively in the small to medium enterprise (SME) space, and who have powerful solutions for SMEs. Partners commit resources to the success of small business in South Africa, while benefiting [...]

February 13, 2019|

Ctrack launches ultra-compact tracking devices

Leading vehicle tracking and telematics provider, Ctrack, has launched its BX500 and BX600 range of wireless, ultra-compact GPS tracking devices. Ideal for use in cars, trucks and motorbikes, quads, golf carts, delivery vans and generators, the new devices are also designed to track non-powered assets like containers, trailers and packages. Both BX models are ultra-compact, meaning either unit can be concealed in cargo easily and both have enough memory to record 25 000 trips. Featuring adaptive tracking, these devices make [...]

January 14, 2019|

Safe Driving with Trucks in the Mountains

Recently, due to fires in the Outeniqua mountains, drivers had to take a detour from Oudtshoorn to George via the Robinson pass towards Mossel Bay. The Robinson pass is much more of a challenge for truck drivers as there are no “extra lanes” and the corners tend to be much sharper than on the Outeniqua pass. It was quickly evident that motorists became frustrated with the delays as they shared the mountain pass with much slower carriers of road freight. [...]

November 12, 2018|

Drive with Caution in Strong Wind

Especially if you are behind the steering wheel of a Truck! On the Arrive Alive website road users are urged to drive with Caution in Bad and Challenging Weather Conditions. These conditions include rain, dust, smoke and strong winds! The drivers of trucks are often severely tested when having to steer their trucks through strong winds. Some rather insightful dashboard camera footage has revealed this threat to the safety of our truck drivers! We have decided [...]

October 31, 2018|

Extra Caution is required when road users navigate near the blind spots of trucks

On the Arrive Alive website road, users are cautioned to drive safely and to be cautious of other road users in their blind spots. We also find some important safety suggestions: It is vital to make sure that nothing is concealed before changing lanes moving off or performing a manoeuvre such as pulling out of a parking space. People on foot or on bikes are easy to lose in the space behind a pillar. When driving towards a [...]

October 29, 2018|

Ctrack’s emergency support service crucial as holiday season nears

Vehicle tracking and telematics service provider, Ctrack, has added a new emergency response service to its vehicle tracking products. The new service, a first for the vehicle tracking and telematics industry in South Africa, provides immediate, guaranteed access to ambulance services, countrywide, as well as R10 000 in hospital costs cover, among other benefits. Ctrack clients already using an active Ctrack tracking unit in their personal or fleet vehicle/s can add the service for a minimal additional monthly fee. New [...]

October 29, 2018|

Truck and Bus drivers beware!!

Overtaking is one of the highest risk manoeuvres for both drivers and passengers We decided to share an incident captured on camera recently of a bus driver recklessly and illegally overtaking on the N1 near Beaufort West. We decided to raise this with our driver training experts from NOSA logistics. Why do we find this? Here we see that the driver may be rushing to reach his/her destination, putting both himself/herself, passengers and [...]

October 29, 2018|

Top-end Ctrack fleet solution fitted to Time Link Cargo vehicles

Integrated fleet solution with cameras reducing unauthorised passengers and cargo Ctrack’s comprehensive fleet management solution has been fitted to all trucks in Time Link Cargo’s fleet. This top-end telematics solution gives Time Link Cargo, a leading South African logistics service provider, a full range of services that enables the company visibility as to who and what is being transported in their trucks at any given time enhancing  safety for their drivers and security for their supply chain operation. [...]

October 22, 2018|

Ctrack helps power Sasol Solar Challenge 2018

Telematics and vehicle tracking specialists, Ctrack, are providing real-time visibility to local and international competitors taking part in this year’s Sasol Solar Challenge. As a proud event partner, the company is providing a combination of tracking units which will record and monitor the progress of competing teams, indicating the distances driven and top speeds achieved by all participants throughout the eight-day event. Thanks to Ctrack, all competitors’ positions will be displayed on maps in real-time using GPS, for better insight [...]

September 22, 2018|

Ctrack adds another dimension to 2018 Rallystar Rally

The third round of South Africa’s National Rally Championship (NRC) - the 2018 Rallystar Rally - takes place on 25 and 26 May at the Carousel Hotel and Casino complex between Pretoria and Bela-Bela in the North-West province. Rally fans can look forward to fast paced rally action this weekend on the newly relocated Rallystar premises, as well as a spectacular tar stage in the main parking area of the Casino grounds. Once again race organisers will be using NRC [...]

May 24, 2018|