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Ctrack provides intelligent fleet management and telematics solutions to increase safety, efficiency and savings for your business.

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11976544686 km

driver behaviour tracked

298853.267 Times

the circumference of the earth

15578.232 Times

to the moon and back

New! Executive Dashboard

Introducing a new and improved way to maximise your fleet performance. The Executive Dashboard delivers insights into key metrics such as driver behaviour and fuel efficiency so you can identify trends quickly and easily.


Ctrack Route

Increase productivity, simplify business processes and improve efficiency across your existing fleet with our planning and optimisation tool.

Routing & Scheduling

Why choose Ctrack?

Benefits include cost savings of up to 20%, increased productivity by up to 30%, improved safety, local support teams and multiple industry accreditations.

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How we do it

Fleet Tracking

Whether you have 5 vehicles or 5,000, Ctrack provides complete visibility of your fleet so you know where each vehicle is in real-time and how each driver is performing. 

Vehicle Tracking

Camera Solutions

Gain greater insight into driver behaviour and manage driver fatigue with a variety of camera solutions to enhance safety, accountability and reduce maintenance costs.