Want to Improve Management reporting on your vehicle fleet?

Want To Improve Management Reporting On Your Vehicle Fleet?Ctrack's Fleet Tracking Software Can Benefit YouCtrack's Fleet Tracking Software Can Benefit YouProvided Powerful Analysis Of My FleetIntergrates Seamlessly With Other SystemsGives Me Full Visibility


Introducing Ctrack’s Fleet Monitoring Software (Ctrack MaXx).

Ctrack MaXx is a powerful, server based fleet monitoring and management tool that combines advanced vehicle tracking with a sophisticated fleet analysis package.

Not only does the system enable companies to better manage their fleet operations through improved visibility and control, but it also unlocks valuable knowledge to support business transformation, change management, trend analysis, innovation and idea management, etc.

One of the key features of the Ctrack MaXx software is that all Ctrack systems report to one software platform allowing the management of all systems in one application.

Using Ctrack MaXx, you can gain valuable insight into the needs and challenges of your business by understanding all aspects of fleet, driver and vehicle activity. This in-depth analysis can identify areas of improvement that can save time and money, as well as boost business and operational performance.


Real-time Tracking

  • Vehicle polling

  • Trip history on map for analysis of specific vehicle movements including route, ‘green band’ driving, RPM and speed

Fleet Tracking

  • Mobile resource management
  • Remote area management (No-go, preferred and waypoint geo-zones)
  • Route monitoring with access to live traffic flow information
  • Task scheduling with the ability to identify nearest vehicles to a job based on status, skill set or available time


Reporting and Analysis

  • Generate, schedule and issue many different management reports, with a range of easy to understand graph and table formats
  • Access a top level overview of key performance areas using an intelligent dashboard application that drills down to whatever level of detail is required
  • Interactive tacho analysis

Driver Monitoring

  • Information on driving styles such as harsh braking, acceleration, speeding, etc.
  • Driver information such as name, age, status, etc.


  • Any medium to large enterprise