Active RFID Asset Management

Active RFID Asset ManagementSecure Cargo In TransitGives Me Full VisibilityMake My Operation More Efficient


Introducing Ctrack’s Active RFID Asset Tracking solution.

GPS fleet tracking systems focus on the tracking of vehicles and drivers. Not much attention is paid beyond this requirement, especially to the cargo being carried on a particular journey, which is indirectly the purpose of fleet tracking in the first place. This disconnect results in delayed Proof of Delivery (POD), operational losses through pilferage and negligence for the shippers, insurers and fleet operators.

Active RFID Asset Tracking is an integrated active RFID monitoring system powered by Ctrack fleet management that allows customers to not only benefit from the journey management tools but also plan, load, tag, reconcile, track contents during transit, delivery and issuing of instant PODs to customers as proof of delivery. The RFID tags are active once shipped from factory and can’t be disabled. Active RFID Asset Tracking tags are reusable for up to 3 years with 2 minute interval reporting, with alerts reported immediately.

Active RFID Asset Tracking workflow includes registration of assets and creating a manifest for the delivery job, journey management, arrival at designated POI and confirmation of a completed or incomplete delivery job.

The Active RFID Asset Tracking inventory management system allows 100% visibility of each tag deployed by the user, where each status is available for operational control.

Active RFID Asset Tracking is set to revolutionise the global cargo and fleet monitoring business, offering customers further control on the status of their cargo during transportation. Active RFID Asset Tracking is ideal for tracking consignments per journey/truck, creating manifests for outbound goods and provides Proof of Delivery (POD) based on the location agreed with the customer and where actual goods were delivered, allowing a complete audit trail. Each vehicle is fitted with a Ctrack Solo with a RFID receiver. Each Active RFID Asset Tracking tag has a unique ID number, which can easily be traced on the Active RFID Asset Tracking Inventory system running with Ctrack Online or Ctrack MaXx tracking software. Real-time journey management is available to customers where tamper alerts are received in real time using GPRS along with a 360° view of the fleet, driver behaviour, driving conditions, business intelligence reporting, accident analysis and fleet efficiencies which is Ctrack’s forte.

Active RFID Asset Tracking offers users end-to-end control over their consignments. Errors are reported immediately, reducing operational inefficiencies and minimising losses through pilferage or operational negligence.

Active RFID Asset Tracking comes in 3 options for RFID Asset Monitoring:
• Identification only
• Identification with temperature monitoring
• Identification, temperature and humidity monitoring




Asset Monitoring and Management

  • Plan, load, tag, reconcile, track contents during transit
  • Issuing of instant PODs to customers as proof of delivery
  • Instant information on route compliance and time route monitoring
  • Extensive POI Database
  • Inventory Management System
  • Optional fleet management software

Real-time Visibility

  • Comprehensive reporting on operational KPIs, PODs, driver behaviour, etc.
  • Manifest generation and monitoring
  • Monitoring of fleet and cargo via smartphone, tablet or computer


  • Asset tampering alerts via SMS or email
  • End-to-end control of vehicles and cargo
  • Geo-fencing


  • Transportation of high value goods (Cash in Transit (CIT), Gold, Copper, Oil, Fuel, Bulk Liquids, Chemicals, Ore, etc.)
  • Transportation of environment-sensitive cargo (pharmaceuticals, wine, food products, etc.)
  • Transportation of time-sensitive cargo (palletised cargo, containers, garbage, etc.)