The National Small Business Chamber (NSBC), established in 2007, is a dynamic and fast-growing non-profit organisation that is committed to the success of Small Business in South Africa. As one of the fastest growing organisations of its kind in the world, the NSBC promises a cost effective key platform and powerful mechanism to aggressively reach and do business with the SME sector on a national basis. NSBC members get up to 20% off Ctrack’s  fleet tracking and business products.

The Southern African Bus Operators’ Association (SABOA) was formed in 1980 by the five leading bus companies operating at the time. Since then, SABOA has gone through a four-phase transformation that has resulted in its representation today of about 70% of the public transport bus fleet. It fulfils a watchdog function regarding policy and legislation, facilitates training, advises on transport-related matters, disseminates information and negotiates benefits for its SMME members. Ctrack offers reduced rates for young and upcoming bus operators with fleets of less than 10.

The Road Freight Association (RFA) represents the majority of transport operators in the South African road freight industry. The association makes provision for various categories of members and facilitates the state of the industry, rates, upkeep of the road infrastructure, road safety, freight security, driver interests, cross-border transport, development funding for emerging operators, education, health, the fuel price, law enforcement, labour relations and many other issues related to road freight transport.  Ctrack has been a member for over 30 years.

The Transport Forum facilitates effective management sessions that enhance two-way communication between state and stakeholders relating to various aspects including road safety and traffic congestion issues. The Transport Forum has become a highly representative and nationally recognised platform for thought leadership by organisations and individuals who are active in the transport and logistics industry.

The Arrive Alive website was launched on 13 March 2003, as a private initiative to assist the Department of Transport, road safety authorities and NGOs in enhancing awareness of road safety. 2016 is the thirteenth consecutive year that Ctrack has partnered with Arrive Alive to promote road safety.


Ctrack is a proud sponsor of the South African Police Service Head Office Football Association (SAPSHOFA), an affiliate of the South African Football Association (SAFA).

The TruckX Conference and Expo is an annual event sponsored by Ctrack and Standard Bank that focuses on providing insights to fleet owners and operators in the logistic and transport freight industry.

Ctrack is a sponsor of the Logistics Achiever Awards, which recognises professionalism and excellence in the effective application of strategic, tactical, and operational logistics and supply chain management principles, concepts, and practices in Southern Africa.