Inseego Corp. (Nasdaq: INSG) is an industry pioneer that enables high performance mobile applications for large enterprise verticals, service providers and small-medium businesses around the globe.

Our product portfolio consists of Enterprise SaaS solutions and IoT & Mobile solutions, which together form the backbone of compelling, intelligent, reliable and secure IoT services with deep business intelligence. Inseego powers mission critical applications with a “zero unscheduled downtime” mandate, such as asset tracking, fleet management, industrial IoT, SD WAN failover management and mobile broadband services.

Our solutions are powered by our key innovations in purpose-built SaaS cloud platforms, IoT and mobile technologies including the newly emerging 5G technology.

At Ctrack we assist our clients to transform their business with innovative SaaS, IoT and mobile solutions. We are passionate about changing the way businesses communicate, collaborate and operate around the world, allowing you to take action on the insights from our cutting-edge devices and cloud platforms.

Our support and hardware solutions come together in clever, user-friendly and powerful software systems enabling your business to Always be Visible


Together we are focused on charting a winning course by knowing our customers and markets. We accept accountability and act with a high sense of urgency without sacrificing quality.

We collaborate as a team to win and strive to bring high energy and enthusiasm at all times. We are agile and flexible and are always innovating and open to new ideas. We prioritize and commit so we can effectively execute on key initiatives.


Through-out the years, Ctrack has received quality assurance accreditation for various markets:

Ctrack’s technology and electronic division designs and develops a robust range of asset management and monitoring systems using GPS satellite positioning, GSM cellular communication and other advanced communication and sensory technologies.

Our continued emphasis on researching and developing next-generation products ensures Ctrack remains ahead of the market, meeting demands for value-added, flexible, feature-rich and cost-effective technology that keeps everything, Always Visible.




First Prize in DTI Technology Awards: Advanced Hi-Technology Projects (DTI) Competitive Strategy Leadership Award in the South African Vehicle Tracking Systems Market (Frost & Sullivan) Winner for ‘Management of Technology’ in the Enterprise category of the Technology Top 100 Awards endorsed by the Department of Science and Technology in South Africa Finalist at Telematics Update Awards (Detroit)



Best Telematics Service Provider in South Africa (Ptolemus) Preferred supplier of CO2 Emissions & Monitoring Technology in Southern Africa (Financial Mail Essentials, Green Business)



Winner for ‘Management of Technology’ in the Enterprise category of the Technology Top 100 Awards endorsed by the Department of Science and Technology in South Africa Telematics Update Awards (Detroit)



Top 5 finalist for Accenture Innovation Index Finalist for Automechanika Johannesburg Innovation Awards



CFi’s Most Innovative Fleet Management Solutions Africa



Global Brands Magazine’s Most Innovative Technology Company, South Africa Frost & Sullivan’s African IoT Competitive Strategy Innovation and Leadership Award



Compass Intelligence award as a Compass- Intel IoT Innovator for an industry-leading Aviation Asset Management solution, engineered together with aviation partners to solve unique airline operations with innovative product technology worldwide.



Our Ctrack Durban Branch was awarded the 2019 PMR Africa - Diamond Arrow Award. Chosen by the public for excellence in client service and support in the fleet management industry.


Leading vehicle telematics and tracking services provider, Ctrack, will monitor the driving performance of the 50 finalists in the 2019 Hollard Highway Heroes truck driving competition. The data to determine the winner will be provided by Ctrack, whose tracking hardware will capture and record key driving information for the last 45 days of the competition, including how the drivers behave over the course of the event.

The National Small Business Chamber (NSBC), established in 2007, is a dynamic and fast-growing non-profit organisation that is committed to the success of Small Business in South Africa. Ctrack’s solution underpins the SMB market requirement, of providing a low-cost fleet management solution for these entrepreneurs.

The Road Freight Association (RFA) represents most transport operators in the South African road freight industry. The association makes provision for various categories of members and facilitates the state of the industry, rates, upkeep of the road infrastructure, road safety, freight security, driver interests, cross-border transport, development funding for emerging operators, education, health, the fuel price, law enforcement, labour relations, and many other issues related to road freight transport. Ctrack has been a member for over 30 years.

The Transport Forum facilitates effective management sessions that enhance two-way communication between state and stakeholders relating to various aspects including road transport, safety and traffic congestion issues. The Transport Forum has become a highly representative and nationally recognised platform for thought leadership by organisations and individuals who are active in the transport and logistics industry.

Ctrack also supports the Solar Race challenge, where electric vehicle development is showcased every two years in South Africa, as part of the International circuit. Our technology already then caters for electric vehicle adaption, as well as using battery powered units, that do not interfere with the Solar technology platforms in these futuristic vehicles.

The Arrive Alive website was launched on 13 March 2003, as a private initiative to assist the Department of Transport, road safety authorities, and NGOs in enhancing awareness of road safety. 2019 is the sixteenth consecutive year that Ctrack has partnered with Arrive Alive to promote road safety.