Yellow Equipment

Ctrack offers Tailored Solutions for Yellow Equipment Tracking, Monitoring and Management.

Keeping tabs on yellow equipment movement, not to mention abuse, unauthorised use and maintenance issues, has always presented a major challenge to companies.

Ctrack Yellow Equipment revolutionises the way organisations manage and monitor the performance, use and behaviour of both equipment and operators, to ensure optimal productivity and equipment utilisation while minimising downtime and inefficiencies.

Ctrack Yellow Equipment provides real-time notification of an impressive amount of information related to the operation of equipment. From unauthorised use and theft, fuel usage and levels and KPI reporting, to driver behaviour such as overloading, fatigue and alcohol monitoring and real-time engine status updates, Ctrack will ensure your equipment is in the safest hands possible.


Real-time Visibility

Ctrack Yellow Equipment is designed to monitor your equipment constantly, wherever it is and wherever you are. Accessing information is possible in a number of ways: via cellphone, laptop, tablet, on the web and via the Call Centre.

Software is tailored to your requirements for activity and event reporting. KPI dashboards can be combined with customer, providing a holistic overview of KPIs like safety, security, productivity and driver behaviour. And scheduled key performance reports are automatically generated for asset and operator management.

Safety and Security

Ctrack Yellow Plant provides proactive, 24-hour monitoring to alert for unauthorised movement, tampering or unauthorised access, including geo fencing. The Intelligent Health Check means your unit is automatically tested to alert for system failure and to ensure constant, accurate monitoring, while operator safety is improved with Impact and Tilt Over alerts.

Asset Management

Maintenance and servicing scheduling, fuel monitoring and licence renewals are all pre-empted and planned for by Ctrack Yellow Equipment through odometer, hour meter and operating hour monitoring.

Operational Control

Ctrack Yellow Equipment ensures operating conditions are always optimal with a wealth of operational monitoring and reporting features. ODO and Hour meters accurately record distance travelled and operating hours for billing purposes and maintenance records. Ctrack MaXx is the powerful management tool that monitors real-time operational events and provides sophisticated business analysis.

The FMS CAN standard Fleet Management System with broadcasting protocol interfaces with the customer’s system, while PTO and other inputs record activity and productivity, ensuring proper planning and utilisation of equipment.

Optional Features

For even more comprehensive monitoring and reporting, Ctrack Yellow Equipment offers a number of optional features for customers. Camera Monitoring records operations and incidents; Alcohol Monitoring helps to prevent accidents and vehicle abuse; Fatigue Monitoring reduces equipment abuse and accidents; and Onboard Weighing prevents over- or under-loading for increased productivity and to record movement of stock.

Furthermore, the Engine Protection Unit monitors oil and coolant pressure, engine temperature and other measurements, and allows for additional information as required; and finally the Third Party Interface facilitates the sharing of information to maximise operational efficiency.

Operator Behaviour

Being able to monitor and assess driver behaviour has a dramatic impact on operational costs and, ultimately, profitability. Features provided by Ctrack Yellow Equipment include speed and rev monitoring for improved driver behaviour, reduced fuel usage and lower maintenance; and fuel consumption monitoring and cost reporting which, together with fuel level monitoring, reduces fuel theft and maximises uptime.

In addition, Ctrack Yellow Equipment accurately records speed, rpm, and idling and provides proactive buzzer alerts in the event of incorrect operator behaviour, resulting in less maintenance, lower fuel usage and reduced costs. Operating hours are automatically recorded for billing purposes and time keeping.