Supply chain and logistics

When time is of the essence, the essence is 24/7 tracking and monitoring by Ctrack.

In the supply chain & logistics industry, timing is everything. Making sure your trucks are where they are supposed to be, every moment of the day, is key to maximising productivity. As is efficient forward planning to reduce turnaround times and active monitoring to ensure security for cargo and your drivers.

Ctrack Supply Chain & Logistics offers remote, accurate tracking and monitoring of your fleet to give you a constant picture of where your vehicles are at all times and their operational condition.

It also offers route optimisation, alerts for unauthorised use or vehicle abuse and maintenance data and planning, to provide owners and operators with a very effective asset and people management tool. When your business depends on reliable, efficient service delivery, Ctrack Supply Chain & Logistics is the system designed to make pinpoint planning an everyday event. Not to mention every hour.


Real-time Visibility

When you are in it for the long haul, your assets are constantly on the road and out of sight. With Ctrack Mobi, Ctrack Online and Ctrack MaXx, you can keep track of your vehicles wherever they are – and wherever you are – with constant vehicle and asset visibility, vehicle history, geo-fencing and alerts monitoring.

Optional features include:

  • A KPI Dashboard for more effective management via an early warning system.
  • MRM Integrity/scanner for enhanced planning, decreased turnaround times and maximised working hours, while processes for customised reporting are streamlined.
  • 3rd Party Interface.

Asset Management

Further protection for the vehicles in your fleet is provided by accurate tachograph data to not only reduce your operating costs, but also to extend the life cycle of your assets. And for a comprehensive life cycle cost analysis, Ctrack’s FleetConnect is available as an option, detailing risk management issues relating to fines, fuel, toll fees, tyres, batteries, maintenance, licensing and certificate of fitness.

Driver Behaviour

Driver abuse is kept to a minimum by the monitoring and accurate recording of speeding, excessive braking, excessive idling, green band driving and over-revving via the Driver Behaviour Interface. Optional features include Driver I.D. which eradicates unauthorised operation and improves risk management.

Operational Control

Ctrack provides a wealth of real-time and historical data to ensure maximum productivity and profitability. Accurate recording of distance travelled and operating hours ensure precise monthly billing and service and maintenance scheduling, with FMS CAN Standard delivering diagnostic and preventative system monitoring. PTO and other input records activities and status of auxiliary items to improve safety and reduce shrinkage, while CO2 Reporting assists with cost control and promoting corporate responsibility.

As options:

  • Complete navigational and communication aids are provided by Ctrack On-the-Road on Tablet, or traditional PND along with Traffic Information for contingency planning and to ensure route optimisation, as well as two-way voice communications.
  • Fuel consumption monitoring is available for cost reporting and fuel theft alerts.

Safety and Security

Route Monitoring and Area Management safeguard both vehicle and driver, and all systems are continually assessed via Ctrack’s Intelligent Health Check to ensure accurate system integrity, and 24/7 peace of mind. Proactive, 24-hour monitoring to alert for unauthorised movement, tampering or unauthorised access is offered as optional, as is remote electronic locking for improved security.