Service and Installation

Ctrack understands the unique requirements of Service and Installation companies and offers tailored solutions for this industry and their customers.

Reliability and punctuality are at the very core of the Service and Installation industries. Which means that constantly updated information about the whereabouts of vehicles and staff is critical to the success of the business.

Ctrack Service and Installation gives owners and operations managers the ability to accurately monitor and assess the movement and behaviour of every vehicle in your fleet.

And being able to manage vehicles and staff in real time results in greatly improved planning and delivery, enhanced service levels and customer satisfaction, and increased profits. Not to mention greater driver wellness and reduced costs due to vehicle maintenance and abuse alerts. It’s the ultimate service for Service and Installation.


Real-time Visibility

Ctrack Service and Installation allows managers to access real-time vehicle location data at any time through Ctrack Mobi, Ctrack Online and Ctrack MaXx. Ctrack Service and Installation also gives access to FleetConnect, an electronic asset register that provides life cycle cost analysis information including maintenance and service scheduling, as well as risk management data such as speed fines, fuel, toll, licensing and tyre costs and certificates of fitness. Furthermore, Plan Track serves as the bridge between ERP and tracking for effective resource visibility and deployment of vehicles, every time.

Other features include:

  • KPIs – Improved performance management with real-time and weekly data reports including individual start and end work times, site visits and number of tasks per vehicle, and overall, per day; can be combined with existing software.
  • MRM (Mobile Resource Management) – Mobile computing solution for scheduling and worksheet management with GPS integration.
  • 3rd Party Interface – Streamlines processes with 3rd party functionality to avoid duplication of inputs.

Operational Control

Detailed reporting of operations is crucial to maximise productivity, be it CO2 emission reporting or OBDII (CANBUS), where information regarding speed and fuel consumption can be monitored and assessed. Ctrack Service and Installation provides this, as well as cost centre management services with flexible reporting tailored to meet specific business requirements. Navigation and Traffic information is also available, maximising time and service efficiency to reduce costs.

Other operational controls include:

  • Ccom, an in-vehicle, two way communication and navigation tool that maximises time and service efficiency and reduces vehicle costs.
  • ODO and Hour Meter for the accurate recording of distances travelled and operating hours for monthly billing purposes and maintenance records.
  • Ctrack MaXx, the powerful 24/7 tracking and management tool that provides total visibility of vehicles and configuration of business divisional structures.
  • Business at a Glance Monitors that help to identify and formulate solutions to any issues that negatively affect operational activities.

Driver Behaviour

Monitors the health and safety of drivers by providing risk management information such as speed fines and vehicle abuse. This leads to improved driver behaviour and ultimately decreases the number of accidents.