The fare collection solution that offers public transport operators complete financial control and asset management.

Ensuring transparent and accurate control of financial income through fare collection has been an almost impossible challenge within the public transport industry. In some instances, as much as 40% of revenue is lost on a regular basis. In addition, security for passengers remains an ongoing problem.

Tap-i-Fare, powered by Ctrack, is set to change this for the transport industry by giving owners and operators the ability to safeguard their profits, while offering security and convenience for commuters and maintaining real-time visibility of their assets at the same time.

Compliant with Europay, Mastercard and Visa (EMV), the Tap-i-Fare prepaid contactless payment system is interoperable and intermodal across any payment system.

It offers both operators and commuters total convenience, security and transparency for the first time, with a reduction of fraud and greater security for the offline processing of transactions.

Because Tap-i-Fare is powered by Ctrack, the system also comes with Ctrack vehicle tracking and fleet management, at no extra charge. Fleet security is therefore further enhanced with real-time visibility of vehicles, along with a host of features including notifications regarding speed, fuel consumption, driver and vehicle behaviour and route monitoring.

In short, everything required for the most comprehensive management of vehicles and drivers possible with maximum profitability.


Operational Control

Designed to take into account additional requirements, Tap-i-Fare is the future of prepaid contactless payment for the Public Transport industry – today.

With the built-in support of Ctrack’s monitoring and fleet management system, tracking owners and operators can maximise the security and productivity of their fleets in real time. Features include vehicle and driver monitoring, fuel level and consumption monitoring for increased efficiencies, and engine monitoring with oil pressure and coolant temperature alerts to aid preventative maintenance and reduce engine damage. Ctrack also provides instant information on route compliance and time route monitoring, allowing owners to assess and act on the conditions of their fleets at all times.

Asset Management

Full life cycle analyses are provided by FleetConnect with regard to all operating costs including fuel, toll fees, fines, tyres, licensing, certificate of fitness and so on. While accurate tachograph data not only reduces your operating costs, but also extends the life cycle of your assets.

Real-time Visibility

Tap-i-Fare provides full financial transparency and visibility with daily, weekly and monthly monitoring of revenue, and regular reporting via email, SMS and the web.

Operational visibility is available whenever you need it and wherever you are with Ctrack Mobi, Ctrack Online and Ctrack MaXx.


Commuters are guaranteed peace of mind by not having to carry or handle cash, and the simple “tap” system means even their Tap-i-Fare card is in sight for the shortest time possible. Commuters may also use their Tap-i-Fare card to purchase goods, in the same way a debit card is used. Because the card is prepaid, it allows users to plan and control their finances better.

Fleet security is enhanced with Ctrack’s proactive 24/7/365 vehicle monitoring, and other alerts such as geo-fencing mean your fleet is exactly where it’s meant to be at all times: being as profitable for you as possible.