31st Oct 2018

Drive with Caution in Strong Wind

On the Arrive Alive website road users are urged to drive with Caution in Bad and Challenging Weather Conditions. These conditions include rain, dust, smoke and strong winds! The drivers of trucks are often severely tested when having to steer their trucks through strong winds.
29th Oct 2018

Extra Caution is required when road users navigate near the blind spots of trucks

On the Arrive Alive website road, users are cautioned to drive safely and to be cautious of other road users in their blind spots. We also find some important safety suggestions: It is vital to make sure that nothing is concealed before changing lanes moving off or performing a manoeuvre such as pulling out of a parking space. People on foot or on bikes are easy to lose in the space behind a pillar.
29th Oct 2018

Ctrack’s emergency support service crucial as holiday season nears

The new service, a first for the vehicle tracking and telematics industry in South Africa, provides immediate, guaranteed access to ambulance services, countrywide, as well as R10 000 in hospital costs cover, among other benefits.
29th Oct 2018

Truck and Bus drivers beware!!

We decided to share an incident captured on camera recently of a bus driver recklessly and illegally overtaking on the N1 near Beaufort West. We decided to raise this with our driver training experts from NOSA logistics.