Concerned about your Vehicles’ Whereabouts?

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Introducing Ctrack’s Vehicle Tracking Applications.

Mobile Tracking

Ctrack Mobi is a web based application that allows you to monitor your vehicles from almost anywhere – using a smartphone or tablet.

Whether you’re out and about, at home or the office, with Ctrack Mobi you can instantly locate your vehicles or see details such as speed, in both list and map views. This makes it ideal for keeping an eye on where the rest of the family is travelling or to remotely view all your business vehicles.

Online Tracking

Ctrack Online is a web based application that enables you to remotely monitor your vehicles from any computer with an internet connection.

In addition to vehicle locations, Ctrack Online also gives you access to information on drivers, points of interest, general businesses, addresses, tasks and more. No-go, preferred and waypoint geo-zones may also be set up and monitored through the application – providing better control of vehicles and increasing safety for drivers.

Ctrack Online will assist you in realising immediate operational benefits and financial returns by helping to reduce the running costs of fleets and increasing the productivity of mobile workforces.

Ctrack Mobi Features

Real-time Tracking

  • Vehicle polling
  • Vehicle status and location on a map
  • Trip history on a map

Driver Monitoring

  • Information such as driving behaviour

Ctrack Online Features

Real-time Tracking

  • Vehicle polling
  • Trip history on a map

Driver Monitoring

  • Information such as driving behaviour
  • Driver information such as name, age, etc.

Fleet Management

  • Mobile resource management
  • Remote area management (No-go, preferred and waypoint geo-zones)
  • Route monitoring
  • Access to live traffic flow information


  • Multiple management reports with automated scheduling
  • Reports on safety, security, productivity, driver behaviour and green driving
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