Ensuring driver safety through remote vehicle and operator monitoring.

Mining is a tough, stressful environment where accidents can and do happen. So the more systems that are in place to ensure health and safety, the better – for both equipment operators and companies.

Ctrack Mining utilises a specific range of remote monitoring systems to alert control room staff to vehicle abuse and driver behaviour, helping to safeguard against accidents and ensuring maximum efficiency and productivity.

Designed specifically for the mining industry, Ctrack Mining’s vehicle-mounted sensors provide instant and extensive ongoing reports on events and situations including driver management and wellness, collision avoidance, speed, fuel consumption, oil and water pressure and optimal loading. Which means the health and safety of drivers, as well as of the company’s profitability, are in constant good hands.


Real-time Visibility

Information is only as valuable as its relevance, which is why Ctrack provides a number of ways to access data. Ctrack Mobi, Ctrack Online and Ctrack MaXx allow you to access real-time, in-depth operational information wherever you need to. While customisable software and 3rd party interface allows for full adaptability and the streamlining of processes across different divisions.

Safety and Security

Where driver safety is of paramount importance, so is Ctrack. To help safeguard employees, Ctrack sensors monitor seat belt use, rollover or impacts, and provide alerts for speed zone violations. Proactive, 24-hour monitoring includes notification of unauthorised movement, tampering or unauthorised access. In addition, to maximise uptime and minimise levels of risk, the tracking system’s functionality is continually assessed using the proactive Intelligent Health Check.

Optional features include:

  • Tyre pressure monitoring for improved safety and fuel consumption.
  • Extended tyre life.
  • CASCAM collision avoidance system.

Operational Control

Detailed reporting of operations is crucial to maximising productivity. Ctrack’s tracking tools accurately record a wide range of operational data, including working and operating hours for billing and maintenance purposes, as well as fuel consumption monitoring (CANBUS) and cost reporting.

Additional optional features include:

  • FMS CAN standard, the Fleet Management System with broadcasting protocol for pit vehicles and heavy transport.
  • Engine Protection Unit via 3rd party software or CANBUS.
  • Onboard weighing to prevent overloading or underloading.
  • PTO and other inputs to record activity on items such as fuel caps and cargo doors.

Driver Behaviour

To minimise vehicle abuse, and also to identify driver training needs, Ctrack monitors driver behaviour in a variety of ways. Driver I.D. eliminates unauthorised use, while braking, acceleration and RPM monitoring (optional) help to reduce equipment damage and improve safety.

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