Fleet Protector

Real-time protection for external site assets.

Designed specifically for operators with fixed plants on external sites, including generators, pumps, compressors and containers, the Ctrack Fixed Plant system monitors your asset’s status in real time, reducing risks and ensuring optimal uptime.

Ctrack Fixed Plant provides expert monitoring in the areas of Operational Control, Real-time Visibility and Security, including features such as unauthorised movement of the asset and fuel theft, fuel levels monitoring and more. And with Ctrack FleetConnect, you’re also provided with full visibility of operating costs and conditions.


Real-time Visibility

Live Information and Event Management may be accessed via the Internet using Ctrack Mobi and Ctrack Online, or using Ctrack MaXx, our powerful management software that monitors real-time operational events and provides sophisticated business analysis.

For full operating cost visibility, Ctrack FleetConnect is available as an optional feature. This is a software suite that provides full operating costs including maintenance expenses, fuel usage/expenses and any other costs related to the assets throughout their life cycle.

Safety and Security

Area Management delivers proactive, 24-hour monitoring of assets to alert for movement, tampering or unauthorised access or usage, including geo-fencing, to significantly reduce the risk of plant theft. In addition, the functionality of the Ctrack system is continually assessed using the proactive Intelligent Health Check to maximise uptime and minimise levels of risk.

Operational Control

Ctrack Fixed Plant provides operators with complete operational control of assets. Features include an integrated Hour Meter for the accurate recording of operating hours for billing purposes and maintenance records; and PTO Monitoring for the precise recording of activity and utilisation of equipment, with improved efficiencies and productivity.

As optional features:

  • Fuel Level and Consumption Monitoring via CANBUS, or a combination of both, may be recorded to identify fuel theft and assist with planning to ensure maximum uptime on equipment.
  • Engine Management allows remote monitoring of oil pressure, coolant levels, engine temperature and other measurements which aid preventative maintenance and reduce engine damage.

Remote Asset Monitoring

With the ability to monitor your assets remotely, Ctrack Fixed Plant provides real-time visibility and condition monitoring of assets in multiple locations.

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