Approach to Sustainability Initiatives

The group understands that its business is part of the greater environment in which we live, so our actions are shaped by national and international trends in sustainable development. Ctrack is a long-term business and this determines our actions as the group strives to be a responsible corporate citizen and respect the society and environment in which we operate.

The focus of the group going forward is to balance financial growth with our focus on people, especially staff satisfaction, while ensuring we remain committed to equal opportunity employment and stakeholder satisfaction.

Sustainability forms the cornerstone of our values and is part of our board’s mandate. It underpins our approach to attracting, retaining and developing our people. It guides our actions in the contribution we make to preserve our environment. It drives our continued cost effective growth.

In support of the vision and strategy on sustainability, the group has adopted the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) framework. The sustainability report has been prepared in accordance with GRI G3.1 guidelines. In terms of GRI reporting requirements, Ctrack has obtained external assurance and the application level C+ report is available at the Ctrack registered office.

The group human resources strategy and plan were developed, approved and implemented during the review period and very specific and measurable objectives were allocated to each goal, indicating both short and longer-term targets. The group developed and implemented a performance management model with specific key performance areas.

Training and Development Initiatives

As one of the strategic objectives, training and development was identified as a priority for management and every employee in the group. During the review period, the Ctrack Training Centre was established in Gauteng where three qualified and experienced training officers will provide new and existing staff with various training courses. Contact our Australian branch for assistance: Contact Us

Community Development Initiatives

The Ctrack Training Centre will provide the opportunity to implement learnerships and internships for unemployed individuals from previously disadvantaged groups from our local communities.