DigiCore Profile


DigiCore specialises in fleet management and vehicle tracking for a global client base.

DigiCore head-office


With over 25 years of experience, we are recognised as a world-leading provider of advanced machine-to-machine (M2M) communication and telematics solutions; we add value to our global base of customers with mobile assets and workforces.

DigiCore’s end-to-end research, design, development, manufacturing, sales and support of tailored solutions for customers is serviced by a global network of staff and team members in over 50 countries. Our technology and electronic division designs and develops a robust range of asset management and monitoring systems using GPS satellite positioning, GSM cellular communication systems and other advanced communication and sensory technologies. The result is innovative and advanced machine-to-machine communication that gives our customers 24×7 information and monitoring of their mobile assets to achieve their operational efficiencies and cost-reduction targets. DigiCore was founded in South Africa in 1985 and listed under the Electronics & Electrical sector on the Johannesburg stock exchange, JSE Limited, in December 1998 under the share code DGC. Today our operations, under the Ctrack brand, span six continents, with over 1 000 employees and more than 700 000 systems sold. We have concluded a number of successful global acquisitions in recent years, and expanded the group’s strong international reach into new emerging markets, such as Asia, Africa and Latin America. A tradition of technologically superior products, coupled with a proven track record in successfully rolling out and supporting mega projects worldwide, gives DigiCore a sustainable competitive advantage. We work in partnership with our customers in developing tailored solutions that deliver unique and measurable business and operational benefits.

DigiCore distinguishes itself from competitor by offering turnkey products and advanced software solutions combined with our recognised industry leading customer service and support. Our continual emphasis on research and development of next-generation products ensures the group remains ahead of the market, meeting demands for value-added, flexible, feature-rich and cost-effective technology. DigiCore’s pioneering technological solutions and partnership with insurance companies has introduced the concept of personalised risk modelling, based on advanced driver behaviour information, provided by the Ctrack solution to the short-term insurance industry.

Key partnerships

We have entered into partnerships with leading original equipment manufacturers and telecom groups that, in turn, will give clients an integrated and holistic telematics and machine-to-machine communication solution.

DigiCore has partnered with leading cellular providers such as Vodafone, MTN and Celcom to ensure the optimal real-time visibility of vehicles and systems being tracked. Ctrack product uses mapping such as Google, Nokia, Tele Atlas and Digital Globe, giving customers a choice of normal, terrain and satellite views in its software applications.

Ctrack product uses mapping such as Nokia and Tele Atlas, giving customers a choice of normal, terrain and satellite views in its software applications.