Application Program Interface

The VMIgreenlight (TM) API has been developed to allow the data presented in Smart Client or Anywhere interfaces to be made accessible to other customer applications using standard internet technologies.

For instance, it could allow a query to request and receive all of the user’s contact information. There might be a procedure to help add a new user, with mechanisms to understand if a given user exists in the database already, and if so, the functionality to merge the new data with the old. Specific journey and cost information could be extracted for the inclusion in a timesheet application.

VMIgreenlight (TM) data can be extracted and processed with customers’ legacy systems for planning, payroll, billing, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), project management, general ledgers, calendar and communications systems.

Key VMIgreenlight(TM) data can be integrated into dynamic intranet / extranet delivery applications, with bespoke query and reporting options. Automatically populate forms such as timesheets, invoices etc.

Extend customers own services to their customers, for example; through the display of current job status through a customer-tracking interface.

Features Benefits of API
  • Provides and industry standard means for systems developers to quickly gain access to available data instead of “Reinventing the Wheel”.
  • Enabled data exchange, between VMIgreenlight(TM) and almost any other application.
  • Connect to the hosted database in a secure manner, without risking data intergrity.
  • Create one or two way connection and interfaces.
  • Create a bespoke, interactive user interface or webpage to view data.
  • Create a secure automated process running in the background.
  • Share information with new or legacy systems.
  • No need to develop information browser applicationss from scratch.
  • Enhance a field tested and proven product to reflect unique end user requirements.
  • Intergrate different applications, so the end result appears seamless to the end user.
  • Leverage the devleopment cost of existing systems by interfacing them with VMIgreenlight(TM)