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Welcome to Ctrack

As a global leader in Vehicle Tracking, Fleet Management and Insurance Telematics Solutions, we are in the business of keeping vehicles, fleets and their occupants Always Visible. Our products provide safety and security for car owners and their families, control and cost savings for businesses and a wealth of fleet analytics for informed decision making for large enterprises. With over 30 years’ experience and continuous investment in research and development, we are committed to making sure your vehicle or fleet is Always Visible.

  • Tired driver

Driver fatigue: Don’t ignore the basics

June 19, 2016|0 Comments

High-tech gadgetry sparkles but might not be gold. When it comes to keeping your drivers awake, a little more analogue thinking can do the trick.
  • Ctrack GPS tracking

Keeping abreast with trends

June 13, 2016|0 Comments

New telematics technology emerges rapidly, and the way it's used evolves all the time. To stay on top of these ever evolving trends is the key to success in the telematics industry.
  • Ctrack jamming detection technology

Jamming detection technology explained

June 6, 2016|0 Comments

Ctrack's new combined signal jamming detection and fleet management technology gives fleet owners a comprehensive solution to mitigate risk and save on fuel and maintenance costs.
  • Ctrack Vum Uber

Insurance company partners with Ctrack to improve driving styles of Uber driver-partners in South Africa

June 1, 2016|0 Comments

Ctrack partners with VUM to improve driving styles of Uber driver-partners.

Amount of driver behaviour tracked

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the circumference of the earth
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