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As a global leader in Vehicle Tracking, Fleet Management and Insurance Telematics Solutions, we are in the business of keeping vehicles, fleets and their occupants Always Visible. Our products provide safety and security for car owners and their families, control and cost savings for businesses and a wealth of fleet analytics for informed decision making for large enterprises. With over 30 years’ experience, a stolen vehicle recovery rate of over 95% and continuous investment in research and development, we are committed to making sure your vehicle or fleet is Always Visible.

  • Ctrack

The benefits of tracking solutions in the mining industry

October 18, 2016|0 Comments

Mining is a tough, stressful environment where accidents can and do happen. Thus the more systems are in place to ensure health and safety, the better for both equipment operators and companies. Sophisticated tracking technology can bring added safety and security to mines, as it allows the fleet manager to remotely control and monitor his fleet.
  • Ctrack safe driving

Safe driving and the impact on sustainability

October 10, 2016|0 Comments

Protecting the environment whilst making sure your fleet is running efficiently, is arguably one of the biggest challenges that fleet owners face today. In a competitive market, it is crucial to take environmental responsibility seriously. […]

  • Sustainability Summit

Ctrack to discuss intelligent vehicle telematics at 2016 Sustainability Summit

September 27, 2016|0 Comments

Tying the future of telematics to sustainability

Starting today, the 2016 Sustainability Summit will see vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions company Ctrack, a subsidiary of Novatel Wireless (Nasdaq:MIFI) discuss how telematics can help fleet operators […]

  • Ctrack Sasol Solar Challenge

2016 Sasol Solar Challenge chooses Ctrack for race tracking capabilities

September 22, 2016|0 Comments

Live web-based tracking for global audience

Global vehicle tracking solutions company Ctrack, a subsidiary of Novatel Wireless (Nasdaq:MIFI), has been entrusted to oversee the tracking of the teams in this year’s biennial Sasol Solar Challenge. […]

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